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Types Of Metal Roofing Materials Nashville, Tn

​Are you thinking about installing a metal roof in Nashville? If so, you’re likely thinking about a standing-seam metal roof for your property.
The vertical ribs found in the standing-seam design create a waterproof and secure surface that looks lovely up close or distant. About 70% of all installations use this option to upgrade their existing roof or put on a new one.
As your premier Davidson County metal roofing contractor, we can tell you that four different metal types make for an excellent roof. We can take you through the various options found in our inventory, review the other color choices, and develop a design that meets your short- and long-term needs.
What metal do you think will work for your home or business?
What Are the Best Metals to Use for Roofing? 

1. Steel Roofing
When you need an affordable roof, steel is the metal you want. This option comes in three standard categories to deliver individualized results for your property: galvanized, weathering, or galvalume. Each choice has specific pros and cons to consider, ranging from overall hardness to appearance consistency.
Our team can take you through the advantages that each option provides to ensure you get the best deal possible for your investment.
2. Copper Roofing
This material is the epitome of what a metal roof in Nashville should be when installed. Although it tends to be the most expensive option, you can find virtually any shape, size, and design available to protect your home or business.
As this metal ages, it develops a beautiful patina that adds character and charm to your property. If you cannot afford a 100% copper roof, consider using another material for the primary coverage and use this option for the trim to create a stunning look.
3. Zinc Roofing
Why do we often recommend zinc roofing to our Davidson County customers? In Tennessee, our climate can be somewhat unpredictable. We can go from sunny and warm to breezy and stormy in under 15 minutes! When debris impacts your roof, other metals can have scratches, dings, or nicks develop in the exterior surface.
When you select a zinc roof, the patina can “heal” itself by covering the scratches and minor impacts with its chalky appearance. Although this option isn’t suitable for every home, it’s still something worth considerin
4. Aluminum Roofing
If you aren’t thinking about a steel roof for your Nashville property, you’re likely considering aluminum. This metal is more prevalent in the coastal environments than in Tennessee’s interior, but it is still an option to consider. With thinner panels and more color options, you’ll have more choices to review to create the perfect installation.
How much does a metal roof cost in Nashville? Several variables must get considered when performing an estimate, including the total size of the roof and the metal choice you prefer. You can expect this upgrade to be about 3.5 times higher than your last asphalt shingle replacement. Contact us today so that we can begin working on an estimate for you!